Let us help you through the art of printing

We want to help all artists create more, exhibit more, benefit more from your craft, by offering you all your high quality art printing needs with the care and attention both you and your work deserve.

We care about artists, photographers, illustrators, painters, designers, but especially anyone needing premium quality printing!

How do we do this? By appreciating our role as the middle man, the step between you & your vision as a physical realisation. By assisting you wherever we can to help you achieve your goals, and celebrating your work with our community of artists and buyers.

The Print Room specialises in high quality large format fine art and photographic printing.


"The technicians at the Print Room have always been very meticulous, professional and thorough in their work and attention to detail."

Parisa Taghizadeh, photographer and filmmaker

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More than just a printers.


The Print Room is more than just a printers. We deliver top quality large format prints to be proud of, at the lowest possible price so that you can afford to create more. 




We provide the highest quality large format printing on a range of paper stocks. We use the most current pigment printing technology combined with a combination of beautiful archival quality fine art & photographic papers, poster papers, sticker paper and more.

All of our papers are acid-free and archival, and our printer uses an 11 colour pigment ink system featuring 3 black inks for excellent tonal gradation.

Vinyl Cutting & Stickers

We may specialise in fine art & photographic printing at exhibition quality, however we don’t like to just stop there.

We also print stickers, and die-cut self-adhesive vinyl text & graphics for your exhibition/event signage and more.


Gallery & Event Space

We have pop-up gallery facilities available through our creative powerhouse The BizDojo, and offer curatorial and exhibition facilitation services as well as space for events, product launches etc.

And more..

We also help facilitate projects that require printing and services outside of what we offer in-house. All you have to do is ask and we will offer you our expertise (or send you in the right direction if we can’t)


Behind The Print Room is the BizDojo! We are NZ’s biggest & best coworking network for creative and technology businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. If your project requires assistance and skills beyond our print technician's expertise, we have access to the greatest designers, thinkers, and self-starters in the business.