The Print Room's Friday Link Pack: August 28th

Inflatable Writing Ball Installation by Karina Smigla Bobinski via Art FIDO

We're completely mesmerised and entranced by this video of Karina Smigla-Bobanski's "ADA" this week - "ADA ... is a post-industrial "creature", visitor animated, creatively acting artist-sculpture, self-forming artwork, resembling a molecular hybrid, such as a one from nano biotechnology." More of Smigla-Bobinski's work here


FOOD FOR THOUGHT: The one and only Amanda Palmer shares her experiences on Patreon and navigating the minefield of becoming a mother and maintaining her career as an artists, via Medium here


What are the 3 artworks that changed your life? David Behringer, who writes an exclusive weekly newsletter about the 200+ galleries he visits every month, answered this question for design milk - read it here and send us your own answer to this question on our facebook page



The general idea that work shapes us applies, of course, to oneself. But precisely because certain attitudes and habits come to feel natural, it’s hard to notice that this has happened. There’s a fundamental question we might ask ourselves: in what ways might my own character have been shaped (for better or worse) by my work (just as it is important to grasp how one has been shaped by childhood)?

Whether you're an artist, photographer, designer, doctor, or anything for that matter, this is something important for us all to consider; How Your Job Shapes Your Identity from The Book of Life


Finally this week, we're loving this incredible surreal photographic series #loosingmymind from photographer Giuseppe Pepe - check out more on his instagram here 

From the series #loosingmymind by Giuseppe Pepe 

From the series #loosingmymind by Giuseppe Pepe