3 Questions with Anna Hanson

In the run-up to the next edition of Art Ache, we asked guest curator Anna Hanson our 3 questions all about art to give you some insight into the woman behind the name..

 Anna Hanson - image courtesy of the lady herself!

Anna Hanson - image courtesy of the lady herself!

What does art mean to you? 

I believe in art that is more than decoration, I believe art can ignite change. Art can transform places, individuals, communities and institutions. The process of making can empower artists to be change agents, stimulate dialogue about critical issues, and builds bridges of connection and understanding. 

Who's your favourite art piece by and why? 

"Maman" by Louise Bourgeois, 1999

  Maman  by Louise Bourgeois, 1999

Maman by Louise Bourgeois, 1999

I may be late coming to this artist or maybe it just the stage of my development but I love All of Bourgeois' work. This piece in particular for its multi layered symbolism; The spider is protector, mother, weaver and very smart. She protects her precious eggs in a steel cage-like body, provokes awe and fear, but her massive height, improbably balanced on slender legs, conveys an almost poignant vulnerability.

On first meeting this giant piece one is fearful of its presence then once one has walked underneath one feels protected by her awesomeness. Maman's large scale makes it only possible to be installed in an industrial indoor facility or outdoors. To me this celebrates Bourgois' 'kickass' approach to sculpture proving that female artists are capable of producing large pieces of outstanding quality.

What's currently hanging on your living room walls?

Far too many considering the size of my flat! I have pieces in 4 different caretaking homes.

But where I live:

Craig Owen

Elliot Francis stewart

Tim Dee

Nigel Roberts

Greg page

Dave Carson

Leila Ataya

Enforce one



Anna has a BFA from Elam School of Fine Arts and was Gallery Director of the Letham Gallery for 10 years. Currently a resident artist at Sunset Studios in Newton, Auckland, her current work "embraces the code of embroidery";

I am continuously trying to push the needle and thread as far as possible on as many surfaces as possible. I prefer to think of this process as an extension of my drawing practice so I don't follow any formal techniques. I am interested in this time consuming medium to push the boundaries as far as possible, this is a work in progress as the more I learn of its limitations the more I discover its possibilities.


Art Ache is a bi-monthly event that showcases some of New Zealand’s brightest artists and their studio treasures in the relaxed surrounds of Golden Dawn. Designed to enable those that love art (or are curious about it) to have one on one interactions with artists, and be able to access their work at an affordable price.

This time you will be able to find the following artists at Art Ache: Greg Page I Natasha Vermeulen I Hugo Christian Slane I Richard Orjis I Philippa Bentley

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