The Print Room's Friday Link Pack: August 14th

"We should try also to understand where procrastination comes from. It isn’t merely to do with laziness. A lot of is – at heart – fear. We begin to work only when the fear of doing nothing at all exceeds the fear of not doing it very well… And that can take time" wise words for early artist, designer, creative - we're all perfectionists at heart and the fear can creep in - via The Book of Life.

- Matthew Trinetti on daily rituals to help blocked creatives get unblocked "3 Pages Every Morning: Why I Started a Daily Ritual and How I Stuck With It"

- It's important to remember that no one's perfect and we all get stuck sometimes: 17 Photographers on the Biggest Mistakes they've made in their Careers

- Need to know in the international art world - This Week’s 10 Most Important Art News Stories from Artsy

- And lastly we're loving this great photo series via Feature Shoot, Photos Capture the Surreal Beauty of China’s Empty Amusement Parks During Off-Season, by Italian photographer Stefano Cerio

Little China, Shenzhen (c) Stefano Cerio via Feature Shoot

Little China, Shenzhen (c) Stefano Cerio via Feature Shoot