Art Ache: A new way to enjoy art for the novice or established collector

With five new artists work presented at each event and a timeline of events that span the year, Art Ache is The place to be for all established & beginner art lovers. Every alternate month Art Ache opens it’s gates in the relaxed surroundings of the Golden Dawn in Ponsonby and showcases carefully selected artists and their work. Artist or not, young or old, thick or thin wallet, Art Ache provides all art lovers with the chance to buy art and get their collection started.

As a part of the artistic community we at The Print Room are lovers and producers of artwork. We are always excited about supporting members of this community in getting their work out there, and also relish opportunities for people everywhere to see and engage with art in their everyday lives. Art Ache perfectly realises both these aims, growing the audience for artists work - whilst providing exposure for the artist, bringing even more access to art and in the process benefiting us all.

Like The Print Room, Art Ache are keen on community and collaboration, and the Art Ache event in March (like those before it) provides a unique way to build and strengthen ties amongst the wider groups of people with creative persuasions, from artists and designers to curators and the practical facilitators like us here at The Print Room.

It is for all these reasons and more that we are proud to be part of this, our fifth sponsoring of an Art Ache event. By helping Art Ache artists with quality printing options we know they’re able to create more and thus share more with everyone. Each of the Art Ache artists is provided with the same level of expert support and consultation you know and love from our resident print mistress Helen - along with $100 worth of printing vouchers to get them on their way, letting their budget and imaginations stretch a little further.

The next Art Ache event takes place on March 5th 2015, 5pm to 8pm at The Golden Dawn in Ponsonby. Why not head along, take a friend (or two), enjoy a glass of wine and talk, see and engage with art and the artists that produce it.

Hopefully we’ll run in to you there