Art Ache 5.0 - sunshine, wine, art, atmosphere


Last Thursday night Art Ache kicked off this year’s event series in a flurry of vibrancy and saturated colour - not only from the fantastic artwork on show but also the weather! Summer is indeed sticking around a little longer, and bathed in the fantastic early evening glow after an intensely warm day, the artists laid out their collections for the punters of Golden Dawn to ponder, debate, and even buy - all with a glass of wine in hand and a smile on their face.

We were there to offer our support to the artists and curator, the one and only Aimee Ralfini, but also to report back to you on the delicious arty goodness. Highlights of the evening included Mark Morrissey’s live painting, creating a brand new artwork in front of patrons in his own expressively gestural style, semi-abstract landscapes in pastel hues. Tiffany Singh brought us a selection of raw, natural handmade prints, crafted using monsoon waters from Nepal, as well as her signature aromatic bees wax sculptures and some limited edition prints detailing flower pressings that we’d worked together with her to create especially for the night. Isaac Katzoff’s brightly coloured glass nails next to Ani O’Neill’s crotched hibiscus provided an interesting juxtaposition of hard and soft, made vs. found, both exhibiting the range of skills and expertise to be found in object based art in contemporary art. And finally Amy Potenger’s excitingly refreshing collages and linocuts injecting humour and culture critique with snippets of glitter, sweet valley high, muscles, meat and diamantes layered upon layer!

All in all an invigorating evening of art and conversation - it’ll be back in May and so will we, until then Art Achers..